Autonomous Cars

Mathew Leonguerrero
2 min readJan 22, 2021

Self-driving cars seem like a far ways ahead of being achieved. But being introduced into this topic further made me realized how we are not far off that I initially thought. As of right now there are self-driving cars but it is not close to result we are intending. What I mean by that is there are accidents that occur, in which that should not surprise you, mainly from hitting emergency vehicles. The materials I was given for this assignment gave a much broader sense of a future with self-driving cars, and personally I am all for it. I was surprised of what these cars can offer, and it does not have to be only about transportation. A ted talk I watched where Larco mentioned that these cars can give space where parking lots would not be needed and possible lower rent costs if the space you live in is an apartment complex. There could also cases of re-growing greenery, give back to the environment you know?

But of course there are downsides such as potential higher costs of insurance on an expensive vehicle, production of the vehicle could be harmful for the environment, and possible malfunctions that could result into a crash. Now that is the main reason why people are not ready, as am I. Riding in a car without a driver is unsettling as for everyone else who feels the same. But in time we could trust self-driving cars to be integrated into society, it will take some time but if we could move on to smart phones and the internet then it is possible. Lastly this assignment, with the materials provided, gave me both sides of the story on what we feel on self-driving cars, and personally I prefer it to be so and that does not really change my thinking at all. But what I really got from this assignment is a broader perspective on what could happen in a few years.

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