Big Data Privacy

Mathew Leonguerrero
2 min readFeb 6, 2021

This week I had touched on the topic of data privacy. And from what I have gained so far from the material, are that there are two stances you could take when addressing this topic. In general we address if we allow companies collecting data from our daily usage from our smart devices, most commonly our phones. What companies do with this data is use this as a way to make it more convenient for us to be introduced to something that would benefit the consumers based on their recent activities.

This statement mostly leans over to those who prefer a more transparent relationship with their data collectors, as long as there are not any shady stuff going around they believe in the convenience offered from these companies for better purchases and hope for a growing relationship between them. This is believed that it would benefit both the consumer and the company in which more data collected could improve their marketing systems for better results.

On the other hand there are consumers who value their privacy and steer away any sense of their data being viewed. And some people may view this as shady and believe that hiding in privacy is almost admitting you are a criminal, but that is not all the reason. Having privacy allows people to be in their own safe space without being looked upon and become someone they are not. And this can be a form as reducing stress, and more often than not it is the basic case of minding your own business as much as people do have sensitive topics they may have experienced or undergone. In the worst case scenario, their data could be used as blackmail, extortion, or even identity fraud by people with horrible intentions for the wrong reasons. So better safe than sorry.

I already knew of the idea of companies taking your data and provides you ads to suit your tastes, as I have dealt with this problem many many times. But what surprised me is the in-depth detail about how this was accomplished and the many devices this technique can derive on, I thought it was ridiculous for data being collected from a toothbrush. But it did not really change my thinking but brought confirmation on the reality of our data being collected and some people are pushing this idea to be transparent and provide our data for the betterment of improved convenience and people who push for privacy to keep to our selves and our well-being.