Digital Divide Reflection

Mathew Leonguerrero
2 min readMar 14, 2021

The digital divide is a topic I was not aware of until this week, from what I learned the digital divide comes from how we, as a society, are advancing further into technology but unfortunately that does not apply to everybody that shares an embodying amount of people that we have. Because we are adapting to new technology, we are close to becoming an all technological future. And with that from applying for a job to ordering food online has become the norm, but little do they know that for those who are unable to gain access to the internet, as we further advance into technology the farther the divide becomes. Some people would lose their jobs because they do not have any base level tech skills or due to the pandemic, are unable to attend their online classes.

This was also brought more to light through a video, where the story was focused on the U.S when it was first getting integrated with power and spreading it across the nation. However not everyone had power yet, but the companies that monopolized electricity saw this as a waste of money and never bothered to help these people, so then the citizens developed their own power supply and this did not sit well in the end as the major companies easily shut it down. This could also be applied to current circumstances with the accessibility of the internet, not everybody has it and not much is done about it. But of course some towns have developed their own ways of accessing the internet but today people still struggle by simply logging on and navigating the whole system. I am now aware that the digital divide exists and how we are reliant on the internet and its integration into our society, and in turn we are leaving behind people who are unable to access the internet or have knowledge of navigation.